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DALI TECHNOLOGYprovides professionalInfrared Camera Systemsservices and whole-hearted service
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   Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd. is located in diqu,china, we are one of the leading Co., Ltd. in domestic after years of development. Since then,Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd. has sold many products successfully to domestic and international markets,our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd. is very prestigious in the world, and has formed their brands and received unanimous praise, such as DALI and DALI. Nowadays, a complete set of manufacturing facilities has been established, as well as an extensive distribution and after-sale network is very complete for global customers.x2264184n


With varied choices for different purpose, he can meet clientsdemand more closely and have successfully sold machines to many countries worldwide. Product Name: T1 Handheld infrared thermal imager Product Type: Product Function: Business Scope: 机电设备,计算机,软件及网络工程,电子产品,测试技术的投资开发与技术转让,技术咨询,技术服务;机电设备(不含汽车),化工产品(不含危险品),计算机及软件的生产,销售(凭环保审批意见生产);计算机网络工程安装;经营进出口业务(范围详见《中华人民共和国进出口企业资格证书》),(依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动) Main Markets: Mainland,Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan regions,North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,East Asia,Central Asia,Central and South Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Global Product Links: Production Address:

   The market was also hugely competitive-Chinese and other countries suppliers were piling into the lower-end consumer segments, so a well designed product clearly wouldnt be enough. Zhejiang Dali Technology Co, Itd. always insist the principle to provide customer the well-designed products. With our brand influence, we get more broad market. Welcome to visit our official website: for learn more information about our company.

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