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Xi'An Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is recognized in domestic and international markets as a manufacturer of tank side indicator, radar level gauge and radar level meter. In addition, working as authorized distributor for several reputed brands, we introduce top quality Made-in-China packing machines to buyers users worldwide who look for tank side indicator, radar level gauge, andradar level meterx36b44a4n

   Since establishment, Xi'An Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd have been following the business principle of , insist on the corporate spirit of. Product Name: radar level gauge Product Type: Product Function: Business Scope: Main Markets: Global Product Links: Production Address:

   Domestic Chinese companies must get beyond the "faster, cheaper" fixation that has characterized their approach to RD in recent decades. Being trade partners,Xi'An Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd will provide historical opportunities for all countries to carry out a win-win operation and mutual development for sellers and buyers. In addition, we have our own unique brand. Company official website:, if you want to learn more information about us, you can visit our official

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