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Sheet Metal Packing
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Product details

Sheet metal packing gets greater surface area per cubic foot than random packing of equal capacity. A series of perforated vertical corrugated layers make up each packing element. Gas/liquid is spread and distributed radially from layer to layer within the element. Surface texturing on the sheet metal further enhances wettability and mass transfer. Installed in opposing 90°-rotated sections, these elements promote thorough mixing and even gas/liquid distribution across the radius of the tower. Wiper bands throughout the packing prevent fluid from migrating between the packing and vessel wall.

Material: SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, etc.
Specific surface areas: 125 m2/m3, 175 m2/m3, 200 m2/m3, 250 m2/m3, 300 m2/m3, 350 m2/m3, 500 m2/m3.
Its high mass transfer surface area is suitable for close boiling components distillation due to shorter columns.
Its structured arrangement ensures no channeling of liquid and requires minimum liquid redistribution.
Due to its very low pressure drop, it is recommended for vacuum distillation systems.
It has higher vapour load capacity as compared to random packing and trays.
It provides low liquid hold-up.
Refinery columns (atmospheric and under vacuum).
Petrochemical columns.
Natural gas glycol dehydration.
Wastewater treatment stripping columns.
Atmospheric pressure and high pressure columns.


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