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Me Series LED Operating Lamp (M500)
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    Date: 01-12-2018
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    Product details

    ME LED Operating lamp Led 500

    Color Temp  3500K/4000K/4500K/5000K(±250K) 
    Luminance /Intensity(Lux)  40klx≤Ec≤140klx (40,60,90,120)
    Irradiance(w/m²)  ≤500W/m2
    Radiance Energy(mw/m².Lx)  ≤3.8mW/(m2.lx)
    Diameter of light spot(mm)  200mm±15%≤d10≤280mm±15%
    Depth of light( L1+L2) (mm)  ≥1000mm
    Color rendering index(Ra)   96,maximum98(@3500k)
    Imput Voltage(V)  AC110V/220V
    Light head power consumption(W)  75W
    Electricity frequency(Hz)  50Hz±1Hz
    Working life( not continuous usage) (Hrs)  >40000
    Focusing  Fixed
    Endoscope mode    mermaid1{at}medeco-medical{dot}com  AvailableFEATURE

    Advanced Intelligent control technology

    Innovative Surgeon control technology. 
    Dual-controlling system: touch screen control panel, sterilization handle controller.For dual heads model,color temperature could be synchronized simultaneously.

    "AECS"Advanced Energy Control System.
    The working life of LUCKYSTAR can be up to 15 years.
    "ALOS"Initiated automatic attenuation compensation system,ensure stable optical performance within LED life cycle.

    Modern appearance design

    Ultra-thin and streamlined appearance, no need for reflection heat-insulation system.
    It minimizes turbulence in laminar air flow by designing a smaller size, lower wind resistance and flow-optimized appearance.
    The shell of Luckystar is made of aluminum,with outstanding heat dissipation capacity,therefore can extend the LED bulb's life cycle and illuminating efficiency.
    An aluminium ring shaped handle for easier positioning.

    Outstanding optical performance

    1.Four color temperature selection:3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K,Better rendering index and clear tissue visualization can help surgeons to distinguish between pathological
    and healthy tissue. 
    2.Adjustable illumination(Lux): up to 160K LUX maximum.
    3.Depth of illumination: more than 1000MM.
    4.Color rendering index( Ra): Up to 96(@3500K).
    5.Outstanding R9 value for true red color rendition,Maximum up to 98.
    6.Electronic focusing function (Model: LUCKYSTAR S628). Diameter of light spot(mm) could be electronically adjustment between 200-300mm.
    7.Endoscopic operating modes (ENDO MODE) 
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