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Date: 04-11-2019


Shanghai Matech Machinery Manufacture Corporation Ltd. (referred to as Matech Machinery Manufacture)is a manufacturer and distributor of steel casting manufacturer,which mainly produces stainless steel casting,stainless steel castingand stainless steel casting .it provides high-quality castbrand and qualitysteel casting services to andcustomers,with a complete and scientific quality management system.

   The company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of stainless steel casting, steel casting and lost wax casting. The scope of business includes the development and production ofcasting parts, foundry, casting and stainless steel casting, sold to , , and other places.

   Shanghai Matech Machinery Manufacture Corporation a professional stainless steel castingx2fc7d44ncompany integrated bycasting iron,investment casting,die cast,aluminum die casting. Adhering to the customer supreme , quality first, service priority, the speed of the first business purposes, Matech Machinery Manufacturealways make friends and get sincere cooperation. Sincerely welcome you to establish and develop business with Matech Machinery Manufacture! More cooperation intention to negotiate, please call the hotline: 021-5607673, or visit our official website: