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    Date: 05-22-2019

       Qingdao Junzheng Disc Co., Ltdwas founded in 10 years ago, is a professional production of CD Cardboard Jacketsof private enterprises, Junzheng Disc Co., Ltd is currently focused on the CD Digipak Professional company,CD Cardboard Jackets Well-known brand,CD Digipak sales ranking,CD Cardboard Jackets Specifications are super discountand other fields.

       Qingdao Junzheng Disc Co., Ltd is created in 3rd Floor, 28th Floor, Building 3, No. 37, Donghai West Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, devoted to research and development of CD Replication, DVD Duplication, CD Cardboard Jackets, , , etc. With advanced technical advantages of CD Cardboard Jackets , good after-sales service of CD Cardboard Jackets, rises rapidly and gets love and recognition by the majority of users.


    Since the establishment ina long time ago, Qingdao Junzheng Disc Co., Ltdalways adheres to the business principles of talent-based, integrity founding. Gathering industry elites, We combines the advanced technology, management methods and business experience with the specific reality , making the enterprise maintain competitiveness in the fierce competition in CD Manufacturerx3523e64n market and achieve rapid but stable development . To know more about the development of the company, please call the hotline: 53285-770398, or visit our official website: