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Xi'an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacture and supplier of process instrumentation for various industries in Construction Materials, Aggregates/Mining, Petrochemical Industry, Energy Production, Plastic Industry, Metallurgy, Water/Waterwaste Industry, Food&Beverage, Chemical&Pharmaceutical Industry with line of product include Radar Level Transmitter, Pressure Sensor and Flow meter. Xi'an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is an ISO9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer & Supplier of Measuring Instruments for 15 years, who provide a high-quality products that unsurpassed value for our customers. The factory was started by young but motivated technocrats with a vision to become a leading and reliable name for Radar level sensor. Dechuang, who besides getting an excellent value for customer's money, there are other key factors that matter to our clients, such as Speedy delivery, Guarantee and business reliability!Choose Us Choose your reliability!
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Location: Shaanxi Province·Xi'an City
Company address: No. 203, block B, glaring antelope valley, no. 1, zone C, no. 69 Jinye road, Xi'an high-tech zone,City area,Xi'an City,Shaanxi Province,China
Contact person: LiLi Niu(Sales)
Mobile phone: 88385903
Mobile phone 15191454801
Post code: 710000
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Registration time: 03-16-2019
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