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MINE insists on the most rigorous and critical standards of life, and deeply injects the understanding of the taste of the home into every detail of the product. The ultimate breakthrough is the only definition of perfection. Since its inception in London in 1995, many of the "firsts" created by MINE have won the respect and admiration of global professionals and created the legend of China's luxury home brand. The unification of the highest quality and the highest grade is the only definition of MINE for perfection.MINE constantly breaks through the stereotypes, breaks the shackles, and creates many "firsts" and "firsts" that make the world's industry people respect and admire. Because it has always been demanding perfection and perfection, and firmly adheres to the "global selection", MINE has become the leader of global home fashion and has established its own luxury brand for China. Simplicity is a philosophy of life. Luxury is an intrinsic character, and the fullness of maturity and elegance is fully released.MINE is the unanimous choice from the head of state to the public figures and fashion masters.MINE brand advocate - high-end, difference, personality. Designed for the su
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Location: Hunan Province·Changsha City
Company address: No. 168, Guyuan Road, Lugu High-tech Zone, Yuelu District, Changsha City of Hunan Province,Yuelu District,Changsha City,Hunan Province,China
Contact person: Mr Shi(Sales)
Mobile phone: 82847922
Mobile phone 18692276380
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Registration time: 04-27-2019
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